Carsyn Ciuba





Poppy is a line of tampons and pads that was born out of the market's desperate need for feminine products that are marketed towards 12-14 year olds. I wanted the packaging to be discrete on the outside, but fun and welcoming on the inside. The starter box is the perfect way to not only introduce a girl to the brand, but also to her relationship with mother nature. This kit contains one box of pads, one box of tampons, a book about period health, a small carrying clutch that fits a days worth of supplies, and a sticker set. This box is a keepsake and can be kept and refilled with tampons and pads as needed. This starter pack is fully customizable for the girl as she can choose to refill it with only tampons, only pads, or one of each. For the individual tampon and pad packaging, the pattern mimics the shape of the feminine hygiene product. The language on the back of the products, as well as in the book on period health, was carefully considered and tailored towards girls 12-14.